An Open Letter To Anyone Who Wants Easy And Consistent Sales:

The Barcelona Challenge: 

“I’ll Personally Help You Create A Killer Offer That Triples Your Sales In Just 30 Days …And Give You A Ticket To The Barcelona Event For FREE”

Hurry! Only The First 20 People Will Get My New “One Offer Away” System And Bonus Day In Barcelona…

From The Desk Of Timothy Marc
Santorini Greece
July 2018

Dear Friend,

I know – that’s a pretty bold promise. The reason I can make this “triple your sales” promise to you... is because I’ve been testing my exciting new “One Offer Away” system in secret for the past three months.

And I’m so STUNNED at the results ...that I can’t wait to get this into your hands at our Freedom Business Live event in August!

Let me explain...

Imagine if you could sit down and log into a private Trello board…

A secret portal loaded with powerful easy-to-use checklists and resources.

This workflow takes you from a blank page, to creating an irresistible cash-grabbing offer... for your current product OR a completely new product.

An offer that will solve all your inconsistent income problems… for good!

Imagine also that this system had potent cut-and-paste copywriting templates.

So you can craft a wildly profitable offer in a matter of minutes ...even if you suck at writing!

And this offer system could work for any “Freedom Business” industry. Including online services, consulting, information and even physical products.

Now imagine if you have me to personally help you through this process... I’ll review your offer and ads to make suggestions before you deploy it and see the cash rain into your bank account!

And what if we could do this together LIVE in Barcelona?

Then I was on hand afterward to help you to see you triple or even quadruple your sales?!

 If this sounds exciting to you then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

Stop Inconsistent Sales ...And Start Making REAL MONEY NOW!

Here's how this exciting idea happened...

Several weeks ago I sent our current members a survey.

This gave me all the information on what level you’re currently playing at.

Of those that filled it out:

  • 87 veterans are making six figures to $1 Million+ per year
  • Several hundred are doing 10k per month or are almost there

Which is GREAT ...and it’s also a strong indicator of how powerful the SSM system is.

But it also made me REALLY frustrated because for many of you ... these sales are sporadic, inconsistent or RANDOM at best.

See if you’re barely scraping together 10k per month then there’s probably only ONE THING you’re missing.

One thing that will take you to an easy $50k per month.

And if you’re already making 50k per month then you really should be making MILLIONS.

I mean ...aren’t you tired of spending long hours online with next to nothing to show for it?

Do you sometimes want to quit because it feels like you’re pushing a giant boulder up a hill every day?

The truth is it doesn’t have to be this way.

And believe me… I know EXACTLY what this feels like.

Walking around throughout the day wondering where your next sale is going to come from...

Praying to the Freedom Business gods that you just make ONE MORE SALE this week ... so you can feel happy and enjoy the weekend for once.

...Only to have the same frustrating sales chase of doom next week.

Argh! I get a pain in my stomach thinking about those awful times back when I first started in all this.

And me recently reminiscing about this pain turned into a MOTIVATING FIRE OF ANGER ... because I see so many members "missing" and frustrating themselves along the way.

Luckily there’s an easy fix for this.

What Everyone Ought To Know About “Hidden Door” Offers

One of the very first things my millionaire mentor James taught me was:

“Never EVER stair-step your goals… If you want to make millions in your business then MAKE MILLIONS. Do not aim for 10k, then 20k, 30k… You need to build the business to go directly to the end goal - WHY WAIT?”

And because of this one piece of advice I went and found the ONE THING that was missing in by business at the time...

A killer, well-sequenced OFFER.

Here’s a pre-SSM story you may not have heard yet:

After I sold Samurai Sales Videos and moved into my general marketing/web design business ... I had an interesting thought after discussing this “no stair-stepping” process with James.

“Instead of charging $5000 for my typical website package…"

"Why not create an offer that enabled me to charge $50,000 (with the same amount of work)??”

So I put most of my time into studying all the great copywriters of the past.

Claude Hopkins. Eugene Schwartz. John Carlton. Dan Kennedy. Even the late and great Gary Halbert.

I went through all the fancy expensive systems at the time ...Frank Kern’s Mass Control. Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and some others I can’t even remember the names of.

Hours and hours. Days and days. Months and months of cracking the code to writing amazing offers.

I spent all this time because the truth is ... I REALLY sucked at writing.

ESPECIALLY any sort of sales writing.

I needed a shortcut.

I was tired. I wanted to quit… Here’s The One Thing That Changed It All

I finally boiled all the endless information out there to 11 sequenced steps...

And clumsily pieced together an offer for my marketing business at the time.

Truth is this new offer was sloppy and had embarrassing spelling mistakes everywhere.

Fighting the resistance - I finally worked up the courage to hit SEND...

This offer went to 4 people that were interested in my services that I hadn’t heard back from.

I honestly thought I’d get a ho-hum response...

So you can imagine my surprise when a business owner in the horse racing industry called me ... This was the exact thing he’d been looking for!

He just HAD to give me money after reading every word of my offer ... at 10x the price I’d been charging!

In hindsight, I realised this clumsy offer worked for one main reason:

It hit on very specific RAW NERVES that triggered him into a crazy must-buy frenzy.

Even though it was messy, It worked because I had:

A) all the right components of a great offer
B) in the right sequence

And so to this very day I use the same 11-step sequence in every single campaign I do.

I even use this sequence to create addictive content like the recent "Hidden Door" program.

So after all that pain and frustration of chasing sporadic sales…

On that day I learned that no matter what happens … You’re only ever just ONE OFFER AWAY from massive success.

And so leading up to our exciting event in Barcelona - this got me thinking.

The ONLY difference in people who are KILLING it in SSM and those that are struggling... is the strength of their offer.

Think about this for a second.

Right now as you read this, you’re actually only ONE OFFER away from your dreams.

I Was SHOCKED When I Looked At Some Of Your Landing Pages…

So get this.

Several weeks ago I spent a couple of days secretly going over members landing pages.

I looked at your sales copy and offers (that you provided to me in the survey).

I wanted to hunt down the big mistakes you’re making so I could help you in Barcelona.

To my absolute HORROR a lot of people aren’t just making mistakes...

They are running offers that would make a prospect RUN AWAY!!!

And they’re probably CLUELESS about why it’s not working.

Terrible headlines. Awful sales copy. And no focus on the specific “raw nerves” in a SPECIFIC SEQUENCE that will ignite the buying madness you need.

Truth is ...I was a little embarrassed that some of the offers on these pages came from people on my list.

So at first I was extremely frustrated.

Then I realised the opportunity.

What if I could take people who were tired of spending time trying to scrape together a few sales...

And PERSONALLY lead them through a foolproof process to creating a consistent cash-grabbing offer... in under 30 days.

Arming them with the tools to craft the perfect offer every single time.

No matter what the product or the one key fan.

An offer that can be deployed on:

  1. Google and Facebook ads
  2. Landing pages
  3. Webinars
  4. Proposals
  5. Cold email
  6. Direct mail
  7. Social media

And what if I could kick-start this LIVE at the event in Barcelona and actually GUARANTEE that you will triple your sales...

So with this enthusiastic spark of inspiration... I rolled up the sleeves and got to work and on the new “One Offer Away” system.

And you’ll be getting access to along with a FREE ticket to Barcelona!

The “One Offer Away” System

Finally! How To Write And Deploy A Six Figure Offer ...In Under 30 Days

See the truth is... Back in the day I searched high and low for the offer formula that would put consistent cash into my bank account.

Starting with my one of my first successful offers: Samurai Sales Videos.

Now over nine years, 126 attempts, and $51,938 invested in trying all the books and courses later (and actually split testing offers on different products)...

I knew there was only one solution: develop my own offer system.

You’ve already seen my “hidden” offers throughout my trainings.

And even the SSM launch itself!

I also use these offers inside proposals that close $XX,XXX deals instantly and easily.

I use this system to write offers that bring in thousands of dollars for high end clients in just a few short days.

So for the first time ever and because I’ve already launched the last ever SSM…

I can finally reveal the 11 step formula that’s put MILLIONS of dollars directly into my pocket!

And not only that…

I’ve decided to grant you access to my top-secret easy to use Trello workflow. This one thing will have you pumping out these cash-getting offers like a MACHINE.

And we kick start this in Barcelona!

The Barcelona Challenge:
A Ticket To Your Most Profitable Month Ever!

So by now you’re likely REALLY excited for the event and to start working with me personally... (you’d be a bit silly if you weren’t!)

But I’m also sure you have doubts...

"I suck at writing",

“What if I can’t make it to Barcelona?”.

"I don’t even know what I would sell",

“Will this work for my product?”,

"I’m already so busy ...I don’t have time to do it all".

And I totally get that. The truth is - this is going to be much easier and much more fun than you can possibly imagine.

I’ve done ALL the hard work for you over the last nine years.

See even though I may come across like some sort of offer-wizard…

I’ve ALWAYS struggled with writing because I have problems focusing for longer than 2 minutes at a time.

You know what? I probably have some sort of undiagnosed ADHD or something (I’ve never admitted that before).

This is why I developed my 11-step “drag and drop” Trello workflow... it was out of PURE NECESSITY (and just a hint of laziness).

There’s absolutely no way my brain can sit for longer than an hour to write the level of offer that sucks in the big bucks.

So as I was creating campaigns... I developed a workflow that allows me to create million dollar offers in MINUTES.

It was the only way I could keep up with the high demand for my campaign creation services for big $$$ clients.

And I promised myself never to share this with anyone until after the last SSM.

Yes! You’ve probably guessed already…

I used the Trello workflow and “One Offer Away” system to create this very letter. It took just 48 hours whilst sitting on a Freedom Trip in Palm Springs.

And this skill is about to be yours.

I’m giving you the “keys to the kingdom” that allows me to create these wildly profitable offers in a rapid amount of time...

And better still... I’m going to show you how to apply this skill-set to sell anything from ecommerce to high ticket consulting.

Which means you can use it with your current Freedom Business product... OR quickly find a brand new product to sell. It’s up to you!

Oh I almost forgot to mention…

You don’t even have to come to Barcelona to get access to the One Offer Away system!

This is a brand new training program that all people who buy get access to right after the event.

And along with access, you’ll have me to PERSONALLY help you craft a winning offer!

Here’s just some of the secrets you’ll learn inside my new “One Offer Away” program...

Module 1: How Much Money Do You Want?

  • Why creating and launching offers is the true “Hidden Door” to riches ... (and what you’re currently doing wrong)
  • The 4-step “money architecture" process – this is the lazy way to create a cash grabbing offer in just 11 days!

  • Why it’s NOT your fault if you’re not making consistent sales... and what you can do starting today to put regular money into your PayPal account

  • Exactly what components to include in your product bundle ... to make it irresistible and drive home the most sales

  • No more guesswork! Access to my top-secret Trello workflow that’s pre-loaded with everything you need to craft a wildly profitable offer... in the shortest amount of time

Module 2: Where To Extract The Gold

  • The "10 cash-getting questions" that will find your perfect One Key Fan in a few short minutes... (a big name guru taught me this one)

  • How to quickly and easily locate the most hungry buyers on the internet. They are waiting to pull out their wallet and buy NOW!

  • The 2-phase “Gold Extraction” survey system... It eerily forces an email list tell you EXACTLY what they want to buy

  • How to design a survey that’s so exciting that they want to fill it out AND buy the new offer in advance!

  • If you thought you needed a huge email list to run successful million dollar offers... then you’re going to be SHOCKED by one of the secrets you find in Module 2 (part 3)

  • How to take objections (like price) and turn them into even BIGGER sales opportunities... almost everyone is getting this wrong!

  • A sneaky Competitor Spy trick you can use to legally steal money from your competitors... (I was hesitant to put this one in here)

Module 3: The Raw Material Fact Sheet + Bonus Spreadsheet

  • Write better copy than the masters by filling out this secret weapon. Copywriting legends like Gary Halbert used this every day. (works even if you're terrible at writing like me)

  • At last! Find out the EXACT 3 pieces of data you MUST gather about your One Key Fan before you begin. (This creates the greatest cash-grabbing for minimal work)

  • The 12 essential “raw material” elements you MUST have ready before you even write a single word of copy

  • Quickly and easily locate your One Key Fan’s BIGGEST “raw nerves”... so you can exploit them throughout the offer and create a buying frenzy

  • How and when to master “raw nerve stacking” in the offer to make your call to action up to 300% more effective. (Have you found it in this letter?)

Module 4: Masterful Benefit Creation

  • The 3 laws of "benefit-creation" that will make your One Key Fan feel like they already have the result they want... (so they can't help but buy!)

  • How to leverage dark hidden desires that your One Key Fan didn’t even know they had... to get them excited about buying your product NOW

  • A clever (and very “sneaky”) way to give yourself an “instant credibility” factor... that forces even the most skeptical prospect to have no choice but to believe and buy!

  • Why you need to understand the "A/B Analysis” theory. This one helps you instantly develop products, sales copy and ad campaigns out of THIN AIR

Modules 5 & 6: Creating An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

  • How to “glide” through the 11-steps of crafting a winning offer. To maximise results, and keep writing time to minimum

  • Create SHOCKING and EXCITING headlines using 67 proven cut-and-paste formulas that NEVER fail

  • Use 9 of my private “copy-bank” templates to copy and paste KILLER offer openings... bullet points, guarantees and fill-in-the-blank pieces for a true MASTERPIECE offer!

  • How, if you already have a business, to dramatically increase your bottom-line profits. (I reveal how to “wipe-out” your competition and ...suck so much more money out of your current and past customers)

  • A weird (but effective) way to locate the best parts of your product so you can emphasise them and charge 250% more

  • Twelve words that will “force” people who have bought from you once buy from you again ...IMMEDIATELY!

  • The exact “offer sequence” you MUST USE to increase a website visitors buying temperature as they read down the page... (your competition has no idea about this and it’s going to KILL THEM)

  • How to use the "ESLA test" so you can quickly determine how direct to be with your offer

  • How to get hundreds of glowing (and true) testimonials from your customers for FREE... and what to do with them to generate even bigger profits!

  • The 15 most effective angles to position and sell the same product over and over again... (this will help your ads always stay fresh)

  • “Ultimate Urgency”: The method of creating REAL scarcity in your offer and it’s not what you think... (I learned this one from Frank Kern personally in Vegas)

  • How to anticipate and diffuse ALL objections before you even reveal the price... (this works in sales meetings too!)

Module 7: The Sweetest Deal Known To Man

  • You’ll learn 6 instant ways to “sweeten the deal” ... This turns any mediocre offer into the most no-brainer decision your One Key Fan has ever made!

  • The secret writing software I use to correct all spelling, sentences and paragraphs. Your copy will suck the person down the page and force them to click “BUY NOW"!

  • How to use the age-old “value bomb” technique... to boost perceived value, and thus, get your customers to spend 800% more than anyone else could get them to spend

  • 8 cut-and-paste "Guarantee templates" that make any indecision melt away... whilst protecting you against annoying refunds and chargebacks (this is big)

  • A secret method (developed originally by Dan Kennedy) to deal with refunds and complaints... and turn them into more sales!

Module 8: Subconscious Swiping + Bonus Source Files

  • You’ll get my ENTIRE private collection of over 150 PROVEN swipe files in hundreds of markets. This is my secret go-to “copy bank”... you can steal headlines, bullet points and emotive call-to-action copy

  • Learn my weird yet powerful “Subconscious-Swiping” technique ... for instantly getting into a focused copywriting headspace so you can write copy like the pro’s

  • Here’s the quick and easy way to locate all the current "money-sucking" offers in your market... so you can steal what’s working from your competitors (this is so sneaky you better hope they aren’t using this on you!)

Modules 9-11: The "Master Offer Formula" [MOF] Revealed

SRP + RNQS + S + P + A + MBS + PR + VB + G + CTA + U = $$$

Can you guess the elements of the master formula above?

(It’s actually MUCH easier to use than it is to read!)

  • No more guesswork! You’ll get instant access to my top-secret master offer formula... this will help you create potent ready-to-deploy offers for any product, in any market

  • Finally! After 9 years, over $51,938 invested in courses and books and hundreds of split tests... you’ll get the 11-steps I use to create money-grabbing offers within a few short hours

  • Never again be staring at a blank page trying to create your offer! This system is a foolproof “fill in the blanks” method to crafting real offers... that make REAL consistent sales day after day, year after year

  • The formula contains all the important “psychological trigger” elements built-in... so you don’t have to worry if you're hitting the right buttons

  • Target the 100 primary reasons people buy (number 5, 10 and 17 account for over 85% of all sales)

  • Eradicate the 30 split-tested reasons people don’t buy (your price is #3)

Modules 12-16: Master Offer Deployment

How To Use Your Offer In Ads, Landing Pages, Webinars, Products, Lead Magnets, Social Media + More!

At last! Never worry about sporadic, inconsistent sales EVER AGAIN... by recycling and deploying your new core offer into different platforms. (It’s so easy you’ll wish you did this sooner!)

● How using the wrong landing page can DESTROY your conversion rate... and what specific type you should be using for YOUR product

● How to deploy your offer word-for-word into a high converting automated webinar... (I’ll break this down in video 14)

● Avoid the dreaded “Facebook ad fatigue” by using the Spin & Deploy method... This creates new ad angles in seconds (It’s so simple your virtual assistant could do it for you)

● How to take the offer and create incredible lead magnets (it’s so easy you can outsource this entire process)

● Finally! Never run out of social media posts again - by taking bullet points in your offer... and using them as posts that generate hundreds of viral likes and shares

● How to create an automated “master offer machine” so you can turn out offers for any product... anytime you need some extra cash

● The REAL way to create an 80/20 outsourcing team that costs you pennies but makes you dollars... whilst you’re off on a freedom adventure! (it’s about only doing things ONCE, creating a checklist and having someone else take over)

● How your new skill-set is the most valuable you’ll ever learn in your entire life (I call it “cash-on-command”)

I’m Only Doing This ONCE

This incredible opportunity will expire forever on Friday 20th July 1pm EST.

My goal with this challenge is to help at least 10 more people leapfrog into millionaire status... by creating killer offers.

And it all starts when I see you in BARCELONA!

So if you’re looking to gain a larger, more consistent freedom income in the shortest possible time... then this will be the greatest training experience you’ve ever had!

And I only have a small amount of time to personally turn this many people into OFFER MACHINES.

This experience will never happen again at this absolute no-brainer of a price.

Special “Barcelona
Challenge” Pricing

My “One Offer Away” system will open to the public later this year for well
over $5000.

And this is without all the incredible bonuses that I’ve reserved for you!

However... Because you’re on my list during the early release “Barcelona Challenge” ... I will also make 20 places available for 60% off or only $1997.

What’s more I will gift you a FREE TICKET to Freedom Business Live Barcelona just for signing up!

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Act Now To Claim Over $7000 Worth Of Bonuses!

BONUS #1 - The Timothy Marc Trello Workflow
- Value $2000

This is my custom built “foolproof” board... pre-loaded with every checklist and resource you need to write cash-grabbing offers.

You’ll copy this to your own (free) Trello account and have the system that took me months to build in SECONDS!

It includes “copy and paste” sections for EVERY area of your sales copy…

Headlines, bullet points, guarantees, calls to actions, story templates... EVERY area has cut, paste and profit paragraphs for you to use.

All you need to do is work through the checklists, fill in the blanks and your offer will be ready to fire!

BONUS #2 - Comprehensive Offer Review
- Value $3000

After you complete your first offer - you’ll get to book in one hour of my time for a comprehensive offer review. I’ll sit down, analyse it, make notes... and suggest any changes.

I’ll even record this on video so you can refer to it anytime you need.

BONUS #3 - Q&A Offer Mastery Sessions
- Value $400

I’ll be hosting 4 x Q&A sessions in the One Offer Away learning portal... to answer your questions as you work through the program.

BONUS #4 - The Master Offer Proposal Template + My Personal "Five Figure Proposal”
- Value $500

As a VERY exciting (and instantly practical) bonus you’ll be getting my done-for-you “Master Offer” proposal template... so you can close deals worth $XX,XXX as soon as you email it to the prospect!

I’ll even open up my vault and include the exact proposal example I sent to a client that cheerfully paid me over $30,000... (it worked so well he stole it to use in his business!)

BONUS#5 - Ticket To Freedom Business Live Barcelona
- Value $597

Yes! I’ll even gift your ticket to this year’s event... because you’ve committed to working with me to create your ONE OFFER that changes EVERYTHING!

Note: If you can’t physically attend in Barcelona don’t worry. You’ll still get my entire system at the early bird price.

There’s over 17 brand new training videos, resources and bonuses included.

BONUS#6 - One Offer Away “Kickstart Day” In Barcelona + Live Recordings - Value $397

If you thought 2 massive days of Freedom Business Live was enough… You’re going to be SHOCKED to find out that there’s a whole extra day ... only for One Offer Away people on Sunday 5th August!

You’ll get a full walkthrough of the One Offer Away system LIVE in Barcelona.

And get to ask specific questions on how to kickstart your new valuable offer.

Once again it’s ok if you can’t attend live in Barcelona... One Offer Away purchasers will get access to to the live recordings so you won’t miss a thing!

BONUS#7 - One Offer Away Accountability Journal - Value $197

You already know how important accountability is.

There’s a brand new “One Offer Away” section of the forum that includes a journal to record your progress... and get feedback as you create your amazing new offer.

Make $5000 - Guaranteed!

You’ll get immediate access to the “One Offer Away” system online after Barcelona.

And because I already know you and we’ve already worked together…

I’m so confident that I can get you the result of “writing amazing offers that bring in bucket-loads of cash”.

That if you don’t make at least $5000 with your new offers in 60 days after the event, I’ll buy the course back from you!

All you have to do is send me a detailed log of your ads and offers... If I can’t help you tweak those so that you make at least $5000, I’ll send your money back! - simple as that!

So now that you know this is totally risk free...

Here’s A Recap Of What
You’re Going To Get:

You get everything:

1. “One Offer Away” System - 17 brand new training videos, resources and membership portal... for how to write wildly profitable, high converting offers

2. “Trello Workflow Board” - The exact checklist and system I use to quickly write high converting sales copy... for ANY product

3. “Comprehensive Offer Review” by yours truly - I’ll comb through every piece of your offer from Ad to Checkout... to make sure it’s ready to fire!

4. “Q&A Offer Mastery Sessions” - 4 private webinars for you to get your important questions answered

5. My Master Offer Proposal Template and "Five Figure Proposal” - Simply fill in the blanks and send! (for instant high ticket sales)

6. One Offer Away Accountability Journal - You’ll join the other SSM offer ninjas in the forum... to track, share and support your way to success

And of course you get a FREE GIFT ticket to Freedom Business Live Barcelona... and the exclusive bonus “One Offer Away” day on the Sunday.

Warning: Time Is Of The Essence

I don’t mean to put any added pressure on you... but I really think these 20 places are going to fill up FAST.

This is because of the valuable amount of stuff on offer with this brand new program at such a massive discount.

I’ll be closing the doors on this as soon as we fill the 20 places.

Which means you’ll have to get an event ticket ONLY. This does not include the new system, bonuses or extra event day.

And don’t forget this 100% risk free offer will expire forever on Friday 20th July!

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Alright let’s be honest with each other for a second: What if this system helps you get ONE $10,000 sale? Just ONE. What would that be worth to you?

($10,000 right?)

Now ask yourself: What if there’s even a chance that this system can actually teach you how to make these sales day after day... hour after hour?

And these sales are coming from customers you ACTUALLY WANT.

What if you could get this “Freedom Business” part of your life handled for good?

How much would THAT be worth to you? Ten thousand dollars? Fifty thousand? More?

For most business owners I know, it would be priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success would be worth the investment. I've personally invested over nine years and thousands of dollars... learning how to create profitable offers.

I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience for only $1997 when I started. And I know that you’ll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have the success after using it.

This much is for sure: For the rest of your entrepreneurial life you’re going to be creating some type of offer. Or you’re going to be in a situation where you need to sit down at the computer and make sales happen.

The question is, are you going to know exactly what to do to succeed? Or are you going to let more time slip by as you bounce around haphazardly trying to scrape a few sales together?

I have one last thing to share with you.

After helping out our community for many years, I know one thing:

If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now... there’s a very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future.

I’ve been where you are right now ...And I’m going to show you the way!

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I can’t wait to help you become the next great success story using potent cash-grabbing offers.

And I’m going turn you into a PROFITABLE OFFER MACHINE! Cheers to your success,

Timothy Marc

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just scroll to the end to see what’s up, here’s the deal:

I’ve created a brand new system that will help you create and deploy offers that will triple your sales… In 30 days.

This “Creating Profitable Offers” is the theme of this years live event in Barcelona.

And this is where I’ll be kicking off the new “One Offer Away” training program.

It has 17 videos. One custom built Trello workflow. All the tools, templates and resources you need to create wildly profitable offers.

And it also includes a comprehensive offer review/consultation from myself.

In fact, I’m guaranteeing that you’ll make $5000 using my new system or I’ll send your money back.

If you decide to buy the “One Offer Away” program I’ll also give you a ticket to the Barcelona Live Event as a free gift!

This is a very limited offer for the first 20 people on my list... because I can only physically take on that number to work with.

So it will probably sell out quickly and if you miss out you can still purchase a regular ticket... (without the One Offer Away system and bonuses) by clicking here.

There is no “catch” to this offer. In fact, if you don’t make $5000 in the first 60 days after the Barcelona event using this system... I’ll send you back a full refund.

Click here to claim your spot right now. You won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Q: Will this work for me if I want to do a new product/freedom business?

A: Absolutely! You can use this system to create a great offer and start the new business with a BANG.

Q: Are there any payment plan options?

A:Yes. You can buy the One Offer Away system with free Barcelona ticket + Bonuses via 3x easy payments - here .

You get a $244 discount if you pay in full.

Q: Do I get a discount if I can't attend the Barcelona event?

A: No. The ticket is a free gift from me for joining “One Offer Away”.

Q: Can I give my free ticket to someone else?

A: No. The free ticket is reserved for people who buy the “One Offer Away” program - so it’s non-transferable.

Q: Will we always get the discount to One Offer Away in the future?

A: No. This discounted offer will expire on Friday July 20th and will increase in price right after. The reason why is this is a brand new complete standalone program.

Q: Do I need to show you anything to get the refund?

A: You will need to satisfactorily attempt the steps in the program (i.e. create an offer). If after launching it - I can’t help you tweak it to make $5000 in sales within 60 days - I’ll send you a full refund. And you can keep the Trello Workflow as my gift to you for giving it a shot!

Q: Can I do an extra call with you if I can't attend Barcelona?

A: No. We will have the bonus “One Offer Away” day in Barcelona. That will be recorded for you - plus 4x Q&A sessions when One Offer Away kicks off. And don’t forget I’ll be doing a comprehensive offer review for you.

Q: When will the One Offer Away program actually start?

A: 13 August 2018. One week after Barcelona finishes.

Q: Will I get anything whilst I wait for Barcelona & The “One Offer Away” Program?

A: I will be gathering detailed information from you about your current situation. This is so I can do some early diagnosis on your current offers (or lack thereof). Also from now until Barcelona I’m getting married and having my honeymoon...

Cayla would kill me if I spent all that time working! So rest assured I’ll be fresh and ready to smash some super profitable offers when we touch down in Barcelona...

I can't wait!

Freedom Business Live Barcelona

August 2 - August 5 2018

Theme: One Offer Away

Location: Barcelona Plaça de Catalunya - the Gothic Area

Accommodation: Please book yourself in central Barcelona

Thursday: Arrival Day - Meetup, drinks, food, partying and checking out the beach areas. A chance to relax together, chat Freedom Business and see all that Barcelona has to offer.

Friday: Main Event Day 1 - Actionable speeches on creating wildly profitable offers from Timothy Marc and Freedom Entrepreneurs.

Saturday: Main Event Day 2 - Actionable speeches on creating wildly profitable offers from Timothy Marc and Freedom Entrepreneurs.

Sunday: One Offer Away Bonus Day - If you purchased the program

General ticket holders: Activity Day - A chance to hang out with fellow freedom entrepreneurs and do some great stuff around Barcelona.

Please Note - Dates Are 100% Confirmed So You Can Book Flights And Accommodation. Event Itinerary Is Subject To Change - Final Speaker Details And Seminar Room Will Be Emailed To All Ticket Holders 30 Days Prior To The Event

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